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Eera event 22-23 November 2021 - Online

First ORIENT-NM workshop

ORIENT- NM Organisation of the European Research Community on Nuclear Materials

The EU-funded ORIENT-NM project is exploring the possibility of establishing a Co-Funded European Partnership (CEP) on nuclear materials, by critically assessing its added value and positive impact.

Accordingly, ORIENT-NM seeks an open dialogue between the nuclear materials research community and all relevant stakeholders. Two main workshops at fixed moments of the project are at the centre of this approach.

The objective of this first workshop is to discuss the potential goals and impact of a European partnership on nuclear materials and to progress towards a consensus on this item.

The discussion among the stakeholders will be based on the first outcomes of the project and the first documents prepared by the ORIENT-NM community. The purpose will be to receive input for their further development and improvement, by taking into account different visions and expectations.

The workshop will thus provide the occasion and the tools to gather information, feedback, advice, and suggestions from all attendees during the various sessions.

Audience: European Commission, Member States and Associated Countries, international organisations, TSOs, standardisation bodies, fusion energy community, renewable and other low-carbon energy technologies, ETIPs, industries and industrial associations, infrastructure managers, and any other stakeholders interested in the topic. All the above mentioned audiences are invited to participate in the discussion.

Download the full agenda at this link: ORIENT-NM 1st Workshop Agenda

Practical information


22 Nov 2021 - 23 Nov 2021


1:30 PM - 4:30 PM


Maria Luisa Fernandez