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News 27 November 2020

Nuclear fission and fusion working together on materials for future reactors: the M4F project

The M4F project (Multiscale Modelling for Fusion and Fission Materials) brings together the nuclear fusion and fission materials communities to work on the optimization of ferritic/martensitic (F/M) steels, which are candidate structural materials for future nuclear fission and fusion reactors. 

It is a multidisciplinary project in which several different experimental and computational materials science tools are integrated to understand and model complex phenomena associated with the formation and evolution of irradiation induced defects and their effects on the macroscopic behaviour of the target materials. 

Two are the objectives: 

  • To develop physical understanding and predictive models of the origin of localised deformation under irradiation in F/M steels, to enable the design of for future fission and fusion reactors based on robust standards. 
  • To develop best practice methodologies to use ion irradiation as a tool to evaluate radiation effects on materials, which can be integrated in materials discovery platforms for the development of materials with superior radiation resistance properties.

The project, coordinated by CIEMAT, enters now its 4th year and is close to deliver high-impact results, the exploitation of which will be evaluated and guided by an end-users group that involves fusion and fission reactor designers, materials experts, as well as regulators. 

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