EERA works collaboratively with its members to produce high-quality input for progressing policy making at EU and national level on the energy and climate fields. 

This White Paper on the Clean Energy Transition constitutes EERA’s landmark contribution to advancing understanding of the profound implications such a transition will have beyond technology for our economy and our society. It builds on existing knowledge and provides an instrumental conceptual framework to support policymakers in defining robust, actionable and efficient pathways towards a socially fair, environmentally sustainable, competitive and climate-neutral society.

The paper proposes that the “Clean Energy Transition” (CET), a concept central to EU energy and climate policies, extends well beyond climate neutrality to incorporate the essential dimension of social fairness and link it more broadly to the concepts of global sustainability and societal resilience. Consequently, beyond its core technological aspects, the transition entails socio-economic elements and calls for an interdisciplinary approach to policymaking.

The framework proposed in this paper adopts a holistic approach, based on addressing the sources of greenhouse gas emissions across all economic sectors.

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Within just a few months, the EU has been confronted with an energy and security crisis that is both unexpected and unprecedented, threatening the very continuity of its economic activity and social stability.

Prompted by the commitment to reduce oil and gas use, the EU has released its strategic plan to change its energy profile, scale up usage of low-carbon energy sources and maximise energy-efficiency gains.

In this respect, the REPowerEU Plan addresses the multiple challenges of maintaining the EU’s short-term energy security and tackling energy affordability, while simultaneously maintaining its 2050 climate-neutrality targets and building robust EU strategic autonomy.

The EERA REPowerEU Manifesto puts forward the low-carbon research community analysis of the REPowerEU Plan.

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