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The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) is your gateway to a wealth of knowledge in the field of low-carbon energy research.

We welcome inquiries on subjects within our area of expertise. 

1. Comprehensive expertise

EERA reunites 250 research organisations spanning 30 countries. It coordinates its efforts through 18 Joint Programmes, each offering leading scientific insight into the whole espectrum of low-carbon energy technologies but also on the cross-cutting topics pertaining the clean energy transition. 

Whether your focus is on energy storage, smart grids, solar PV, wind, CCS, or the wide range of other clean energy technologies, as well as the social and economic aspects of the transition or optimising efficiency in the industrial sector, we have the experts you need.

2. European impact with global footprint

Our expertise goes beyond borders, contributing to the development of solutions that benefit not just Europe but the world. 

3. Responsive and accessible 

At EERA, we understand the fast-paced world of journalism. That's why we have streamlined our media and interview request process to ensure you get the information and experts you need when you need them. 

Are you in search of informed perspectives, data or interviews related to the clean energy transition? EERA is here to support you! 

1. Explore our work

Discover our 18 Joint Programmes, each specializing in a unique topic from the field. Explore our research-backed reports and position papers and policy contributions

2. In case of doubt, submit your request

We understand that time is of essence, especially for journalists. If you have a question or need expert insights for your energy story, get in contact with us at: 

and outline your specific request and deadline. We will swiftly assess your needs and match you with the right expert in a few hours. 

3. Prompt response

Your request will receive our immediate attention, ensuring you have the support required. If we do not have the right expert available, we will also inform you straight away. 

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Maria Luisa Fernandez Communications & Outreach Director