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News 05 December 2019 - Brussels

1st EERA JP Nuclear Materials Infodays

The first edition of the JP Nuclear Materials Infodays was held in Brussels, Belgium, on 4th and 5th December 2019. 60 people attended from 34 institutions and 14 European countries. These Infodays had two goals:

1) To provide to the JPNM participants and stakeholders an overview of:

  • The current and future developments of energy research for nuclear applications at the European level (GEN IV systems, EERA, FORATOM, NUGENIA)
  • The challenges concerning materials for sustainable for nuclear energy to be addressed in the coming years
  • The actions of the EERA-JPNM on these subjects and funding prospects.

2) To contribute to fostering links between participants on nuclear materials, including the academic associates, and with the stakeholders through panel discussion on material innovation and table of discussion on the evolution of the JPNM in the changing European landscape and on the JPNM way of functioning.

The EERA Joint Programme on Nuclear Materials (JPNM) is working on the improvement of safety and sustainability of Nuclear Energy by focusing on materials aspects:

  • Better knowledge of materials behavior under operating conditions, seeking predictive capability owing to development of advanced models to rationalize materials’ behavior and provide a basis for the improvement of materials properties, to select the most suited materials and define safe design rules, especially allowing for radiation and temperature effects, while caring for compatibility with coolants.
  • Development of innovative structural and fuel material solutions and advanced fabrication processes for industrial use, with superior capabilities in terms of resistance to irradiation, high-temperatures and aggressive environment.

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