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Eera event 07-08 April 2022 - Online

EM4I - 5th Workshop on “Energy materials for harsh operating conditions”

Starting in Summer 2021, the EERA Joint Programmes (JPs) on Advanced Materials and Processes for Energy Applications (JP AMPEA), Nuclear Materials (JP NM) and Digitalisation for Energy (tJP DfE), are organizing a series of six workshops on "Energy Materials for Innovation (EM4I)". The series covers the integral stages of materials research, from discovery to scale-up productions, device development, industrial integration and sustainability, as well as cross-cutting technologies supporting these actions.

This workshop series brings materials science to the forefront of Europe's energy research landscape, highlighting how different stakeholders (researchers, industries, and policymakers) can achieve the net-zero objectives also through concerted research and innovation efforts in this field.

The six focused technical workshops will be followed by a final conference to be held in Brussels in the summer of 2022. 

The 5th workshop of the series will take place in online format on 7-8 April 2022 and is dedicated to Energy Materials for Harsh Operating Conditions, with the active participation of the JPs dedicated to Energy Storage and Geothermal Energy.

This workshop aims to overview the needs in terms of materials research that are specific for energy technologies where operation occurs under conditions that highly degrade the properties of materials. These include: high temperature, high pressure, extreme loading, contact with aggressive chemicals and irradiation environments. The workshop will also cover issues that resonate with those addressed in previous workshops, namely accelerated innovation (development of new materials solutions), materials health monitoring and materials modelling and advanced characterization, but focused on the specific case of materials for harsh operating conditions.

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Practical information


07 Apr 2022 - 08 Apr 2022


1:00 PM - 1:30 PM


Lorenzo Malerba