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Organisation of the European Research Community on Nuclear Materials



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€ 1 099 588.75

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ORIENT NM in a nutshell 

ORIENT NM seeks to explore the possibility and critically assess the added value of establishing a Co-Funded European Partnership (CEP) to support the development of a coordinated pan-European research and innovation programme on nuclear materials, positively impacting Europe’s competitiveness in the nuclear field at world scale.

Why a Co-Funded European Partnership (CEP) on nuclear materials?

Europe aims to be climate-neutral by 2050. The transition towards an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions relies on a secure and sustainable energy supply. Nuclear energy has an important role to play in this regard being the second largest source of low-carbon electricity in the world. Nuclear materials represent a key element for the safety, efficiency, economy, and sustainability of nuclear energy. Hence the importance of establishing an ambitious and coordinated research and innovation EU-wide partnership that catalyses EU Member States’ national resources towards consensually defined objectives.

A dialectic and inclusive approach 

To achieve its objective, ORIENT NM will encourage a dialogue between the research community, represented by the associations and beneficiaries involved in the project, and the Member States, facilitated by the European Commission. Two main workshops at fixed moments of the project are at the centre of this approach.

Main expected outcomes

  • Produce a single vision and a convincing strategic research agenda (SRA) for nuclear materials until 2040. 
  • Elaborate an efficient CEP governance and legal structure.
  • Develop protocols to interact with relevant stakeholders.



Maria Luisa Fernandez Vanoni Communications Manager