Catalysing European energy research for a climate-neutral society by 2050

Press review

Please find below links to EERA publication in the press and beyond:

Norwegian scientist: ‘No way’ of reaching climate neutrality without hydrogen
published in Euractiv
November 2019
see the online article

Q&A: Starting the hydrogen economy with the EERA’s Nils Røkke
published in Power Technology
November 2019
see the online article

How to muster technologies to tackle global warming
published in Science|Business
September 2019
see the online article

3.3 Degrees
written by EERA Secretary General Adel El Gammal, published in European Energy Innovation
Summer 2019
read the article here

CO2 Capture and Storage in meeting global climate targets
published in BY innovation
February 2019
see online article

EERA announces JP Hydropower, a programme to boost the role of hydroelectric power in renewable energy
published in Smart Grids Info
January 2019
see online article (in Spanish)

Hydrogen is one way how Europe can deliver on the Paris Agreement
published in Renewables Now
November 2018
see online article

Paris Agreement: How serious are we about it?
published in Open Access Government
October 2018
see online article or publication (pp. 316)

EU Energy Transition: Harnessing Technological and Systemic challenges, Addressing the Societal and Political ones
published in European Energy Innovation
Summer 2018
see publication (pp. 22)

Championing EU transition to Low Carbon
published in European Energy Innovation
Autumn 2017
see publication (pp. 52)

Destination Brussels – with climate facts in his luggage
published in Gemini
September 2017
see online article

Doing much more together on the EU’s low-carbon research priorities
published on UKERC
March 2017
see online article

It’s all about cooperation: the role of EERA as a key stakeholder to accelerate energy transition
published in European Energy Innovation
Autumn 2016
see publication (pp. 30)

Portugal Ditched Fossil Fuel Power for 4 Days. Can We Go Longer?
published on National Geographic
May 2016
see online article

Ernst Huenges, EERA Geothermal Joint Programme Coordinator, talks to SETIS
published in SETIS Magazine
May 2015
see publication (pp. 29)

EERA, Building a European Research Performer
published in Vértices
March 2015
see publication (pp. 40)

An alliance for bioenergy
published in Pan European Networks: Government
August 2014
see publication (pp. 116)

The EERA: Aligning national energy research programmes within the ERA
published in European Energy Innovation
Summer 2014
see publication (pp. 32)

European Strategic Energy Technology Plan
published in International Innovation
January 2013
see online article