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News 21 June 2024

Insights from EERA JPSC Summer Event 2024 in Prague & Brno

From June 3rd to 4th, the EERA Joint Programme Smart Cities (JPSC) held its annual summer event in Prague and Brno. The event was hosted by the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) of the Czech Technical University (CVUT).

Day 1: Collaboration at CVUT UCEEB

Participants gathered at the CVUT UCEEB premises on the first day, enjoying the inspiring environment of the transformed former brownfield site. The hosts presented their key research achievements and provided an engaging tour of their laboratories in Buštěhrad.

Key highlights included:

  • EERA Secretary General, Adel El Gammal, discussing the upcoming EERA Flagship Report 2024 and inviting contributions from all EERA JPSC members.
  • EERA JPSC Coordinator, Annemie Wyckmans, sharing insights on the NEB-Facility 2025-2027 programme and sparking interest in future collaborations on the New European Bauhaus and Horizon Europe project calls.

EERA JPSC working groups conducted two workshops focusing on:

  • Potential contributions to EU standardization processes.
  • Organizing summer schools for students.
  • Preparing a joint article on current Positive Energy Districts (PED) findings.

The day concluded with the EERA JPSC monthly Steering Committee meeting.

Day 2: Showcasing at URBIS Smart Cities Meetup

On the second day, EERA JPSC presented its work at the URBIS Smart Cities Meetup during a seminar on fast-tracking energy innovations in buildings, districts, and cities. The seminar covered approaches, methods, tools, good practices, and lessons learned at various levels.

A key message from the event emphasised the importance of community engagement alongside technological innovation. Participants highlighted the need for knowledge exchange and citizen empowerment, with some advocating for organizing community activities, as exemplified by Karvina City in the Czech Republic.

Stay tunned for our upcoming winter event at the end of 2024!