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News 01 August 2023

JP EEIP Policy Brief - Industrial Thermal Energy Storage – Supporting the transition to decarbonise industry

The European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EERA JP EEIP) published a policy brief summarising the recommendations from the White Paper “Industrial Thermal Energy Storage – Supporting the transition to decarbonise industry” released in December 2022.

As thermal energy storage (TES) can significantly support the decarbonisation of industrial heating and cooling, and at the same time increase energy system flexibility and security, EERA JP EEIP aims to unlock the full benefits of using TES in industries promoting and supporting a coordinated action between policymakers, technology developers, industry, energy suppliers and grid operators.

To overcome potential barriers, the paper suggests undertaking policy actions in four priority policy areas: 1) markets, 2) financial sector, 3) legislative sector and 4) industrial process operations.

Read the policy brief to learn about the priority actions for thermal energy storage (TES) identified at regional, national and EU level.