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News 19 January 2023

SSH CENTRE: Call for Evidence

The SSH CENTRE (Social Sciences & Humanities for Climate, Energy aNd Transport Research Excellence) project aims to generate best practices for incorporating Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) research into policies to address climate change.

One objective of the SSH CENTRE project is to enable a better representation of SSH research from different European regions. In particular, disparities remain in terms of participation in research collaborations between the Western/Northern parts of Europe and Southern, Central and Eastern European countries.

The EU has sought to stimulate research collaborations for decades to enhance synergies among European research communities and to support its own policy goals. However, disparities remain in terms of overall participation, roles within cooperative research and financial contributions received by different regions. One objective of the SSH CENTRE is to help overcome fragmentation by enabling better representation of SSH research from across Europe.

To this end, the project has launched a Call for Evidence on ‘Transition-focussed Social Sciences & Humanities in Southern and Central Eastern Europe to gather the views of climate, energy and mobility researchers who have worked in Southern and Central Eastern Europe (now or in the past). Results will feed into a Position Statement which will be submitted to the European Commission (Directorate-General for Research & Innovation) on how SSH in Southern and Central Eastern Europe can be better supported. Feel free to also share this Call with colleagues and institutions in S/CE Europe.

Find out more and participate in the call here.