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News 24 September 2021

EERA's Secretary General on driving the Clean Energy Transition

EERA's Secretary-General, Adel El Gammal, is featured in the Autumn edition of the European Energy Innovation, a journal gathering the views and ambitions of the leaders and stakeholders of the energy community. 

In this op-ed, Adel El Gammal addresses the urgency of climate change, in light of recent scientific publications about foreseen impacts on health, biodiversity and the environment. Fortunately, thanks to the scientific community and experts alike, technologies and roadmaps are at the disposal of politicians, but they need to act fast. 

In order to abate climate change, the IEA report outlined the need to drive an unprecedented growth of investments in research and innovation and accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies. Yet, Adel reiterates that "only deploying faster than any time before both existing and future clean technologies will not be enough. Our society needs to be radically transformed. In fact, the “Clean Energy Transition” should be more accurately called “The Societal Sustainability Revolution.""

This article was also the opportunity to tease stakeholders about the upcoming EERA high-level policy conference “Clean Energy Transition: From Vision to Reality” taking place on October 20, during which our White Paper on the Clean Energy Transition will be released.