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News 12 May 2021

EERA’s feedback on the EU Commission’s Roadmap for the Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe

Bringing forward key comments and recommendations for developing the new European Research Area (ERA), EERA submitted its contribution to the European Commission’s Roadmap for the Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe.  

Implemented within the framework of the new European Research Area (ERA), the Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe sets out commonly agreed values and principles, aiming at encouraging EU countries to reaffirm their commitment and to integrate them into national R&I policies.  

EERA has expressed its support for the European Commission’s renewed commitment to building a stronger European Research Area that is fit for current and upcoming challenges. It has also brought forward key comments and considerations for developing a stronger and more resilient European Research and Innovation (R&I) landscape.  

Among the latter, EERA advocates for:  

  • An enhanced alignment of R&I investments and reforms at national and EU level.  
  • Increased support for Member States with lower R&I spending and lower performance in training their researchers through robust, targeted pan-European initiatives.  
  • A stronger collaboration between different EU-level instruments and funding and increased support for bottom-up curiosity-driven research.  
  • Increased collaboration between academia and industrial alliances, or other similar initiatives closer to the market.  
  • Effective creation of world-class research infrastructures with updated mapping and governance frameworks.