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Speakers corner 21 October 2020

JP Ocean Energy at the forefront of wave energy research

Henry Jeffrey, Coordinator of JP Ocean Energy, talked extensively about the next developments in the sector

In an interview given to Brussels-based news portal Science|Business, the Coordinator of the Joint Programme on Ocean Energy provided interesting input on the future of wave energy in Europe. “We are on the cusp of moving from technology push to market pull,” said Jeffrey to Science|Business. “You can make [the technology] work to allow ocean energy to be an effective producer of electricity for European citizens. What is the challenge, is making that technology cost effective and competitive with other forms of low-carbon technology.”

The Coordinator also put the focus on the low level of interaction between policies and the market adoption of key technologies. “Many countries have strong innovation policies for the development and cost-reduction of demonstration devices. What is much less common is having a market pull mechanism for the deployment of devices,” Jeffrey said. On the possible timing, he also stated that a timeframe is “in direct proportion to the political will that governments are going to continue funding it.”

Read the entire article on the Science|Business portal here

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