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Statements 11 September 2020

EERA endorses EUREC position paper calling for higher funding for Climate, Energy & Mobility Horizon Europe's Cluster

EERA, together with other 19 associations in the field of renewable energy, has recently signed EUREC position paper taking a stance against Horizon Europe budget cuts and stating the importance of investments in Research and Innovation for the achievement of the EU long-term objectives of advancing the green and digital transition in Europe. 

Following the agreement reached by the European Council, which resulted in a reduction of the budget allocated to Horizon Europe for the 2021-2017 period, EUREC has written a position paper stating the importance of the EU financial support for the Horizon Europe's Cluster Climate, Energy & Mobility, central for the achievement of the EU Green Deal's objectives. 

 In this paper, the signatories, of which EERA is part, support that "Horizon Europe is a vital instrument to cement the EU's recovery long-term and to embed it in the transition to climate neutrality by 2050". Therefore, cutting spending in the field of Research and Innovation may jeopardize EU's strategic priorities in the long run.