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Success stories 09 September 2020

SmILES project results can strengthen EU energy systems integration

The SmILES exploitation webinar showcased how the legacy of the project can be functional to reach EU objectives regarding the integration of energy systems

Featuring presentations from the European Commission and the EERA community, the SmILES project held its final exploitation webinar "Complex Energy System Modelling Application: SmILES Project Results" on Wednesday 9th September, 2020.

The conversation revolved around the creation of more integrated energy systems in Europe, showing how the European Union is acting in this direction. A strategy has been published by the European Commission earlier this summer, setting the scene for further developments in the area towards the more overarching goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

The SmILES project and its results might prove crucial in creating new solutions in energy systems modelling. The Shared Data and Information Platform, designed by the project, may help in several ways the modelling process: it helps saving time on performing larger scale energy system modelling and analysis projects; it makes results easily reusable; and it provides tools for making results and documentation available for longer periods of time. A showcase of the SDIP is available here.

Similarly, the PreCISE approach (Preparing Concise Information for Simulation Experiments) was developed during the course of the project to support the communication side. The approach can be mainly used to coordinate software-based projects and to document, disseminate and re-use existing simulations. This has been the case for two European projects, MAGNITUDE and INTERPRETER, which have already benefitted from the PreCISE approach in managing their activities.

If would like to know more about the project and its results, a recording of the webinar is available here

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