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Statements 04 August 2020

EERA Input for the EC Communication on European Research Area

EERA submitted its feedback to the European Commission regarding the communication on the future of research and innovation and the European Research Area (ERA).

EERA feedback document for the EC Communication on European Research Area

The initiative aims to revitalise the European Research Area by providing it with a new vision, consisting in a transformative R&I policy that shapes technological and societal change to deliver a sustainable European society.

The European Research Area (ERA) aims to create a unified research area open to the world and based on the internal market. It is intended to enable the free circulation of researchers, scientific knowledge, and technology.

In 2019, the Commission reported that progress towards a well-functioning ERA continues but seems to be slowing down, while large disparities between countries persist. This means there is still considerable room for further improvement and for a reflection on how to accelerate, strengthen and further encourage implementation of ERA priorities. In response, the Council invited the Commission to present a communication on the future of the ERA by mid-2020.

EERA submitted its input in which it welcomes the initiative to relaunch the European Research Area to support EU research coordination on, among other policies, the digital and green transitions. The ERA’s relaunch should serve the double purpose of advancing EU R&I potential and competitiveness, as well as supporting knowledge-based policy making.

More concretely, EERA is putting forward the following suggestions, as input for the EC Communication on the future of ERA:

  1. Support public investments in energy R&I to boost research in essential areas addressing key societal challenges, such as the Clean Energy Transition
  2. Improve cross-border R&I collaboration avoiding overlapping and improving processes for a better use of European resources, by leveraging on existing frameworks such as the SET-Plan and the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs)
  3. Support a more effective knowledge transfer and technology implementation mechanism through closer collaboration between Research and Industry


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