The EERA Joint Programmes

The scientific work within EERA happens in 18 joint research programmes, the so-called EERA Joint Programmes (JPs). A Joint Programme is a permanent structure that allows EERA members working on defined topics to collaborate. These topics range from energy materials over technologies to systemic topics. An overview of all Joint Programmes can be found below.


A Joint Programme is a permanent structure within EERA. It allows EERA members which work on a specific topic to define a common research agenda, coordinate their activities, build up a sustainable network, and elaborate joint project proposals. It also is a way to speak with a common voice and increase impact.

As EERA gathers a large amount of European organisations, among them the most prominent ones, this work helps streamline and structure European research in the field of green energy. It reduces diverging national priorities, avoids overlap, and thereby supports the EU in reaching its climate goals.

The topics and activities of the EERA Joint Programmes are aligned with the priorities of the SET-Plan. Many Joint Programmes are closely linked to the respective SET-Plan Implementation Working Groups and European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIPs).

Internationally, the EERA Joint Programmes support collaboration with partners outside Europe. They often represent European scientific communities at international events. And prominent scientists from around the world are active members of Joint Programme advisory boards.

The EERA Joint Programmes have a permanent structure and are self-governed to a large extent. Most Joint Programmes distinguish between full and associate members and are divided into sub-programmes that address key areas of the respective research field and cross-cutting issues.

The different governing bodies within a Joint Programme are typically:

  • The Steering Committee, which consists of a representative of each member organisation
  • The Management Board, which is composed of the leaders of the different sub-programmes
  • The Joint Programme Coordinator, who is the head of management

All these bodies are filled with staff from the EERA member organisations that participate in the Joint Programme; the work is provided in-kind.

A dedicated person at the EERA Secretariat links the respective Joint Programme to the umbrella organisation in Brussels.

EERA Joint Programmes are no funding bodies; the work is provided as in-kind contribution. While the participation in some Joint Programmes is free of charge, others have participation fees. These fees are used for joint activities, for instance for organising workshops and other events. In some cases, they are also used for internal funding schemes. The exact set-up varies from Joint Programme to Joint Programme. In order to know the fees that apply for the different Joint Programmes, please read more in the "Become a member" section.

Your first point of contact is the Coordinator of the respective Joint Programme you want to join. At the following link you can find them all listed. 

In order to participate in a Joint Programme, you need to be a member of EERA.