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Eera event 19-20 April 2024 - Haikou, China

The 3rd International Integrated-PV Workshop

The 3rd International Integrated-PV Workshop, taking place on 19-20 April in Haikou, China and online, is organised by Solarbe Global in collaboration with EERA JP Photovoltaic Solar Energy, YIST, Forschungszentrum Jülich, and the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore.

With a growing global consensus on environmental responsibility, the deployment of PV systems is on the rise. However, concerns have emerged regarding the land required for PV installations, questioning the feasibility of large-scale PV projects without compromising existing land functions, such as agriculture. This is especially pertinent in countries where prime lands are already equipped with PV systems, triggering discussions on land resource competition, particularly in nations with scarce or costly land resources.

At the 8th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC-8) in September 2022, it was proposed that even in an extreme scenario with future comprehensive electrification and PV demand reaching approximately 60 TWp, IPV solutions, including Building-integrated PV (BIPV), Floating PV (FPV), Agrivoltaics, and Vehicle-integrated PV (VIPV), could meet this demand. IPV technology shows significant potential, marked by notable technological innovations in recent years.

Building on the success of the previous IPV Workshops, this year’s event will spotlight innovative advancements in this emerging, swiftly evolving field. Topics encompass BIPV, FPV, Agrivoltaics, VIPV, and the use of Artificial Intelligence in PV development (AIPV). Industry and academic speakers will share state-of-the-art technologies, current trends, and future research needs, providing a comprehensive view of IPV technologies.

The workshop aims to facilitate interdisciplinary exchange, cross-disciplinary discussions, and industry-wide comprehension of IPV technologies. Additionally, it seeks to address “non-technical” challenges faced by IPV, including legal, regulatory, environmental, and societal acceptance issues.

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19 Apr 2024 - 20 Apr 2024


Haikou, China