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Eera event 13 December 2022 - Online

White paper launch: Industrial Thermal Energy Storage

Join us for the launch of the European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme for Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes white paper on “Industrial Thermal Energy Storage – Supporting the transition to decarbonise industry”.


One quarter of total final energy consumption in the European Union is consumed by industry. Within that quarter, over 80% is consumed by heating and cooling processes. The continued, wide-scale use of gas, oil, coal, and other fossil fuels for industrial thermal processes leads to an estimated greenhouse gas (GHG) emission of 513 Mt CO2 equivalent per year,  12% of total GHG emissions.

Thermal energy storage (TES) can assist in the decarbonisation of industrial heating and cooling, and  increase energy system flexibility and security. The full roll-out of industrial TES could enable a potential 1,793 TWh of fossil fuel replacement by renewable energy and/or surplus heat. So why aren’t more organisations implementing TES?

This webinar launch will present the key findings from the EERA JP EEIP White Paper “Industrial Thermal Energy Storage – Supporting the transition to decarbonise industry” which has assessed the potential of TES to support decarbonisation goals across the European Union. The Paper provides insights from industry experts on

  • The role TES can play in decarbonising process industries
  • Case studies featuring TES in use
  • Challenges and Barriers to the use of TES
  • TES in action, new technical solutions
  • Proposed actions to roll out adoption across the industry

 Presenters include:

  • Professor Tony Roskilly, Chair of Energy Systems, Durham University
  • Dr Zhiwei  Ma, Assistant Professor, Durham University,
  • Dr Hanne Kauko, Senior Research Scientist, Sintef, Norway
  • Dr Alexis Sevault, Senior Research Scientist, Sintef,  Norway,
  • Dr Salvatore Vasta, Research Engineer, CNR-ITAE, Italy and Coordinator of EERA JP on Thermal Energy Storage
  • Professor Herbert Zondag, Senior Scientist at TNO, Netherlands and University of Eindhoven
  • Dr Yvonne Van Delft, TNO and Coordinator of EERA JP EEIP

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Further details about the work of the EERA JP EEIP can be found here Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes - Home (

Practical information


13 Dec 2022


2:00 PM - 3:30 PM


Jacki Bell
Durham University