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Smart Grids

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The Joint Programme on Smart Grids was officially launched at the SET Plan Conference in Madrid (3-4 June 2010). The JP, coordinated by RSE and ENEA from Italy by means of an extended cross-disciplinary cooperation involving many Research and Development (R&D) participants with different and complementary expertise and facilities, aims at addressing in a medium- to long-term research perspective, one of the most critical areas directly relating to the effective acceleration of smart grid development and deployment. On December 2013, the JP programme successfully launched ELECTRA the EC funded (FP7) Integrated Research Programme on Smart Grids technologies.



  • SP1 Technologies and tools for the management of future power systems (coordinator: DTU)
  • SP2 Storage Integration (coordinator: VTT)
  • SP3 Distribution Network Flexible operation (coordinator: FOSS)
  • SP4 Consumer and Prosumer Engagement through Digitalization and ICT (coordinator: VITO)
  • SP5 Flexible transmission network (coordinator: SINTEF)

For further information about the Joint Programme please visit the EERA JP Smart Grids webpage

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