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Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

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The Joint Programme on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen aims to accelerate and harmonise long-term research on fuel cells and electrolysers in Europe. Research Organisations interested in cooperating at EU level to progress research activities in the field are invited to join. For further information please contact the Joint Programme Coordinator or the EERA Secretariat link (contact at EERA)

Structure (SPs)

  • SP1 Electrolytes (Deborah Jones, CNRS – Vito Di Noto, Uni Padova)
  • SP2 Catalysts & Electrodes (Peter Holtappels, DTU – John Irvine, University St. Andrews)
  • SP3 Stack Materials and Design (Nikolaos Margaritis, FZJ – Marie-Laure Fontaine, SINTEF)
  • SP4 Systems (Asif Ansar, DLR – Jari Kiviaho,VTT)
  • SP5 Modelling, Validation and Diagnosis (Mathias Gérard, CEA – Martin Andersson, Lund University)
  • SP6 Hydrogen Production and Handling (Robert Steinberger-Wilckens, UoB – Asuncion Fernandez, CSIC)
  • SP7 Hydrogen Storage (Marcello Baricco, University of Turin – Klaus Taube, HZG)

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