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The EERA Secretariat is managed by the EERA Secretary General, Adel El Gammal


Secretary General

Adel El Gammal

Tel: +32 2 511 16 18


Office Manager

Roberta Giaimo

Tel: +32 2 511 16 18


Project Manager

Elena Dufour

Tel: +32 2 568 01 02


Project Manager

Ivan Matejak

Tel: +32 2 568 01 01


Communications Manager

Anita Schneider

Tel: +32 2 568 01 03



Nils RøkkeEERA Chair

Nils Røkke

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Oliver Kraft, (c) KIT Presse, Kommunikation und MarketingEERA Vice-Chair

Oliver Kraft

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Members of the EERA Secretariat

The Secretariat members work on EERA activities and are responsible for the contact with the EERA Joint Programmes – check the Joint Programme pages for the contact person in the Secretariat.


Elena Guarneri, DTU, Denmark –

Holger Ihssen, Helmholtz Association, Germany –

Maria Oksa, VTT, Finland –

Petter Støa, SINTEF, Norway –

Berta Matas Güell, SINTEF, Norway –