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BatteRIes Europe

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Building an attractive European R&I ecosystem on batteries


ENER-2018-453-A7 (tender)

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€ 1m

Batteries Europe aims to accelerate and support the establishment of a globally competitive European battery industry and to strengthen the synergies and complementarities among EU initiatives. This will be done through different levels of engagement at European, national and international level.

The Batteries Europe is coordinated by BEST (Batteries Europe Secretariat) project, led by InnoEnergy with the participation of VDI-VDE-IT, EASE, EERA, CLERENS, SINTEF (Industry and Energy), INSTM, CIC energiGUNE, ENEA and Zabala. The project would last 3 years under the Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation.

Batteries Europe Secretariat

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Contact at EERA

Edel Sheridan
Senior Business Developer
SINTEF Energy Research AS

Ivan Matejak
Project Manager