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JP Nuclear Materials

The Joint Programme on Nuclear Materials of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA JPNM) coordinates R&D in Europe towards the development and qualification of innovative materials solutions, to increase the safety and the efficiency of nuclear reactors, by enabling the design of GenIV systems. The expertise on development and qualification of materials for extreme operating conditions is also important for other low-carbon energy technologies, thereby opening the way to cross-sectorial collaboration.

The ultimate goal is to enable the selection of the most suited materials and to define safe design rules for advanced nuclear systems, considering especially radiation and temperature effects, as well as compatibility issues, while ensuring improved component lifetime management.

Structure (sub-programmes)

  • SP-A: Pre-normative research: materials and component qualification and data management
    Karl-Fredrik Nilsson, EC-JRC (EU), Jana Kalivodova, CV Rez (CZ)
  • SP-B: Physical modelling and advanced microstructure examination
    Marjorie Bertolus, CEA (FR), Lorenzo Malerba, CIEMAT (ES), Cristelle Pareige, CNRS (FR)
  • SP-C: Development of advanced materials solutions and fabrication processes
    Massimo Emilio Angiolini, ENEA (IT), Manuel Pouchon, PSI (CH)
  • SP-D: Materials health monitoring and non-destructive examination
    Madalina Rabung, Fraunhofer IZFP (DE), Angelika Bohnstedt, KIT (DE)

To know more, visit the EERA JP NM website.