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Support to the coordination of national research and innovation programmes in areas of activity of the European Energy Research Alliance



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€1.67 m

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EERA aisbl


The overarching objective of the SUPEERA project is to strengthen European cooperation in research and innovation in order to realise the objectives of the SET-Plan in the broader perspective of the clean energy transition.

supeera kickoffSince the SET-Plan is clustered to a large extent along technologies and does not provide a formal mechanism for using cross-cutting research capacities or pooling interdisciplinary activities, SUPEERA will improve the exchange of information between the different actors involved and foster joint actions. This will allow to create synergies, avoid overlap, increase impact, and use untapped potential.

SUPEERA will also help better connect research and innovation, foster a stronger engagement of the EU-13 countries, and assess EU policies to allow for better policymaking.

The main expected impact of the project is an accelerated, expanded, widened and better coordinated implementation of the targets defined in the SET-Plan.

EERA will be supported by five of its member organisations: CEA, DTU, KIT, SINTEF, and VTT. 



Ivan Matejak Project Coordinator
+32 2 568 01 01


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