Coordinating energy research for a low carbon Europe

JP FCH researcher mobility platform

The Joint Programme (JP) on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen aims to generate and mobilize scientific excellence in Europe on all aspects covered by the JP. Below is a list of positions that are made available by the JP Members for exchange and placement of both young and experienced researchers, aiming to improve their skills and increase their network, serving the cause of improving FCH technologies for a low-carbon Europe.

For each of the positions below, get in touch with the contact person provided to apply or for more information on opportunities.

List of assignments:

  1. Thermodynamic evaluation of solid oxide fuel cell- gas turbine systems fed with syngas from fixed bed updraft gasifiers
  2. Experienced Researcher (ER) within the Marie Curie ITN ECOSTORE at ZOZ GmbH, Germany
  3. Partial dehydrogenation of kerosene jet fuel system for the on-board generation of hydrogen to feed a fuel cell auxiliary power unit
  4. Recruitment of a researcher with experience in energetics (Hydrogen energy sector)
  5. Experimental testing of PEM stacks and single cells with novel bipolar plates and development/validation of CFD models
  6. Experimental testing of novel control techniques for the energy management in hydrogen-based microgrids
  7. Hydrogen production from biomass & waste gasification: techno-economic assessment of innovative solutions
  8. Post-doctoral fellow: Operation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEM-FC) without air humidification system
  9. PhD Optimal planning on eco-districts with medium term energy storage

To promote a research opportunity in your organisation, please prepare the assignment and send it to and

You should specify:

  • Title of the assignment
  • Description of the assignment (5 sentences max.)
  • Host institution
  • Name and email of the supervisor(s)
  • Duration of the assignment
  • Skills required
  • Target group
  • Available facilities
  • Funding available

All of the JP FCH members can send assignments and any student from a European organization can apply.

If the position is no longer available or has been filled, please let us know in order to remove it from the plateform.