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Workshop on HPC and open platforms for energy technology modelling - Naples, 15/12/2017


The EERA Joint Programme on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, IEA (International Energy Agency) Technology Network on Advanced fuel cells and EoCoE (Energy oriented Centre of Excellence for Computing Applications) will host a workshop on High Performance Computing (HPC) and open platforms for energy technology modelling, on December 15th in Naples (IT).

During the workshop, the combined potential of HPC and open source for energy technology modelling will be discussed, formulating a position paper for the creation of a stronger EU position in terms of computational science for energy applications.

Participation to this workshop is free of charge, thanks to the support from EERA, EoCoE and the European Fuel Cell conference.

If interested to attend, please fill in the form and return it by December 1 to: Stephen McPhail (ENEA), Coordinator EERA JP Fuel Cells & Hydrogen.

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