Coordinating energy research for a low carbon Europe

Special projects

EERA is working closely with its members and stakeholders to launch new projects of interest for the European low carbon energy community. 

EERA Mobility Task Force

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) ExCo has created a Task Force (TF) mandated to deliver a proposal for an operational student and researcher mobility scheme to support collaboration with its different Joint Programmes.

The Task Force has elaborated a workplan to achieve the assigned commitment planning to finalise a proposal in November 2017.

One of the key activities in the workplan is the collection of relevant experiences at EU and National level and the subsequent analysis of them.

This will enable the determination of inspiring and innovative best practices to be used in the development of an EERA mobility scheme and support its testing across the Energy sector.

More information about the EERA Mobility Task Force 


More projects coming soon…