Coordinating energy research for a low carbon Europe


EERA in the new SET-Plan

The 2015 Communication on the Integrated SET-Plan has given a new impetus to the role of EERA. Read more…

The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan

The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) is Europe’s technology response to the pressing challenges of meeting its targets on greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency over the coming decades.

The European Energy Research Alliance is the research pillar of the SET-Plan. In addition to our close collaboration with the SET-Plan secretariat of the European Commission EERA liaise with the other partners of the SET-Plan.

This includes the:

European Industrial Initiatives (EIIs) and Joint Technology Undertakings (JTI)
– the Member States’ representatives in the SET-Plan Steering Group,
– the European University Association (EUA)
– the SET-Plan information System (SETIS)
– The EIT KIC InnoEnergy

In addition to these, EERA also collaborates closely with several other SET-Plan stakeholders including the Technology Platforms and important stakeholder communities
For further information please visit the SET-Plan website link.


The SET-Plan Conference

The SET-Plan conference is an important annual conference which brings together the SET-Plan stakeholder community to discuss progress and challenges for the SET-Plan community. The conference is organised annually by the SET-Plan secretariat.

The 8th SET Plan conference took place on 21-22 September 2015 at the European Convention Centre Luxembourg, during the Luxembourg’s Presidency of the European Union Council. Please use the link for further information.

The 7th SET-Plan Conference was held from 10th to 11th December 2014 at Rome, Italy organised by ENEA. Further information about the speech and presentation of Hervé Bernard, EERA chairman, CEA can be read here. EERA also organised several side events during the conference: “Energy and Earth’s underground – Multiple sources and storage options“, “Energy research for driving industry competitiveness and job creation in Europe” and “CCS – key enabler for a fully decarbonized energy system” .

SET Plan Conference 07th to 8th May 2013, Dublin Speech from Commissioner Márie Geoghan-Quinn please follow the link. The Commissioner mentioned in her speech: “The EERA is an excellent example of Joint Programming in practice.” Speech from Erkki KM Leppävuori, EERA chairman, President & CEO of VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND, Please read here the summary by Mattias Andersson (EERA Secretariat)