Coordinating energy research for a low carbon Europe

EERA membership categories and criteria

EERA membership is open to any entity or organization actively involved in energy research and located in the European Union or associated countries. EERA has two membership categories:

1. Full Members :

Membership categories: an organization contributing a minimum of five Professional Person Years (hereinafter “PPY”) per year to at least one Joint Programme shall apply the Full Membership.

Membership fee: Each Full Member shall pay a full membership fee of 3000€ on annual basis and is entitled to participate in all decision processes of the EERA with voting rights.

2. Associate Members:

Membership categories: an organization whose contribution does not reach five PPY per year in any of the Joint Programmes shall apply the Associate Membership. Industry can apply  as associated member.

Membership fee: Associate Members pay reduced membership fee of 1000€ on annual basis. They may participate in the General Assembly and other activities of the EERA with right to speak but without voting rights.


Membership criteria

EERA membership is open to any entity or organization actively involved in energy research with seat and main administration in a Member State of the European Union, a candidate country of the European Union or a country associated to a Framework Programme of the European Union for research, technological development and demonstration activities. can apply for membership once it endorses the Statutes and is committing itself to support the Association , provided that the following criteria are met:

  1. Organization is a public body 
  2. Organization is recognised as a non-profit legal entity, research organization or equivalent under the applicable rules by the current framework research programme of the European Union;or 
  3. Group of entities which is composed of the entities described in 1) and/or 2) above, provided the Group of entities is legally constituted or has legal capacity under its national legislation (hereinafter “Umbrella Organization”)