Coordinating energy research for a low carbon Europe

EERA membership criteria and categories

Membership criteria

EERA membership is open to any entity or organisation actively involved in energy research with seat and main administration in a Member State of the European Union, a candidate country of the European Union or a country associated to the EU Framework Programme for research & innovation. The organisations applying for membership have to endorse the EERA Statutes and commit to support the Association.

Organisations must comply with the following criteria:

  1. Being a public body
  2. Recognised as a non-profit legal entity, research organisation or equivalent under the applicable rules of the EU Framework Programme for research & innovation OR
  3. Being a group of entities (“Umbrella Organisation”) composed by the entities described in 1) and/or 2), provided the group of entities is legally constituted or has legal capacity under its national legislation

Membership categories

EERA has two membership categories, full and associate members:

1. Full Members:

A Full Member shall pay a full membership fee and is entitled to participate in all decision processes of the Association with voting rights. It is eligible to apply for a seat in the Executive Committee as defined in Article 11 of EERA aisbl Statutes. It is full participant in at least 1 Joint Programme. 

Membership fee: each Full Member shall pay a full membership fee of 3000€ on annual basis.

2. Associate Members:

An Associate Member shall pay reduced membership fee. It may participate in the General Assembly and other activities of the Association with right to speak but without voting right.

Membership fee: Associate Members pay reduced membership fee of 1000€ on annual basis.

For more information about the participant categories in a Joint Programme, read the section  “How does a Joint programme operate” in the About JPs page.