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Third NESTER School on Concentrated Solar Technologies


Event date: 20th until 28th November 2018The Cyprus Institute is organising the 3rd NESTER School on Concentrated Solar Technologies (CST) in collaboration with four of the most prestigious Research Centres in Europe in this field: CIEMAT (Spain), CNRS-PROMES (France), ENEA (Italy) and RWTH-Aachen (Germany).

The School is directed to Early Stage Researchers and Early Career Professionals. Thus, some background related to the CSP/CST sector would be recommended.

The School offers a fast-paced comprehensive overview of the CST field in the first week, followed by more advanced lectures on selected topics of specific interest to the field, delivered by world experts. Site visits and hands-on activities will take place in the state-of-the-art research infrastructures of the Cyprus Institute.


In 2018, the specialised topics will focus on Point Focusing systems.


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1st week, General Topics 

  • General Introduction to  CST technologies
  • Role of CST in the Future Energy system
  • Solar Resource
  • Parabolic Troughs
  • Central Recievers
  • Solar Energy Harvesting with Heliostats
  • Linear Fresnel
  • Solar Dishes
  • Power cycles for CSP plants
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Alternative applications for CST energy
  • Basics of CSP economics
  • Outlook on research and commercial projecs/future perspectives
2nd week, Point Focusing Systems

  • Receiver technologies in Solar towers
  • Concentrating optics and Heliostat Field Modelling
  • Light Collection Subsystem of Solar Tower Systems
  • High optical efficiency multi receiver solar tower systems
  • FluxTracer-a new open source High Performance Computing software tool
  • Shape-measurements of solar dish facets