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Symposium - EERA JP to develop KPIs for Smart Cities


The ERA Joint Programme for Smart Cities organise Symposium to develop Key Performance Indicators for Smart Cities

The EERA JPSC Symposium on Smart City KPIs will bring together researchers, city government officials, and business people from all over the world working on smart city indicators. It will provide a global perspective of the state of the art and offer an opportunity to share experiences and best practices.

When: November 19, 2015

Where: Barcelona

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About Key Performance Indicators for Smart Cities

The transition to low carbon, resource-efficient cities is moving slowly. While innovative and smart solutions are available, they are rarely implemented by cities. To a great extent, the reluctance on the part of decision makers stems from uncertainty as to whether these solutions can be applied in the different contexts of cities. It seems important, therefore, to objectively verify that Smart City solutions have similar impacts in disparate settings. For this, a system of commonly agreed upon key performance indicators (KPIs) is needed, which will allow for the comprehensive collection of data and their evaluation.

The European Commission actively seeks to further the development of a set of KPIs to clarify the Smart City concept, as becomes evident in the Strategic Implementation Plan of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (2013, p. 16):  “Although there are many good indicator systems in place for cities (…); there is no broadly-accepted indicator system that reflects the ‘smart city’ approach. Developing one would enable cities to self-evaluate and compare their progress. This will require unambiguous operational definition of the term ‘smart city’ from which city indicators can be derived, and improved consistency and comparability of urban data among European cities.” Moreover, support for a measuring scheme for the Smart City approach is underlined by pointing out that “measuring a city’s progress can raise societal awareness for a low-carbon lifestyle, support industry in identifying new business opportunities, and help city administrations in coordinating and monitoring the transformation process.”