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REGISTRATIONS OPEN (for EERA members only): EERA workshop on scientific advice to policy for the future of energy research - Brussels, 19 April 2018


EERA workshop on scientific advice to policy for the future of energy research: a systemic approach for SET-Plan implementation & towards FP9

Brussels, 19 April 2018
09h00 – 16h00

EERA is organising a workshop on scientific advice to policy April 19 in Brussels. The workshop is for all Joint Programme participants. The key objective is two-fold:

  • Providing scientific input to the main initiatives impacting energy research in Europe: the implementation of the SET-Plan and the discussion towards the next framework programme for R&I (FP9)
  • Exchanging knowledge, experiences and best practices across the JPs

To register, please send an email by April 12 to


The grand challenges that Europe faces in the transition towards a low-carbon society can only be tackled with a cross-sectoral combination of different technologies interacting to provide a system-wide transformation. This re-thinking requires a systemic approach beyond and across technology silos, as reflected in the ongoing discussions about the next EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation, FP9. Working across silos will also be essential in the framework of the SET (Strategic Energy Technology)-Plan, which is now transitioning from its planning to the execution phase.

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, EERA will organise a high-level political event on 26-27 June 2018, addressing these two major dimensions for the future of the energy research community in Europe: the implementation of the SET-Plan (i.e. the execution of the implementation plans delivered by the Temporary Working Groups) and the work towards FP9. In this respect – and relevant to both dimensions – the conference will address the need to encourage a systemic approach (technological, social, regulatory, governance, etc.) and to induce interdisciplinary actions.

With the purpose of providing scientific advice to policy makers and to shape the content of the EERA conference, EERA organises a one-day workshop for all EERA members. The workshop will also be the opportunity to exchange across Joint Programmes on experiences, best-practices and mutual knowledge and to discuss systemic interactions across technologies and Joint Programmes and key drivers for the energy transition.

EERA – providing a wide coverage of enabling technologies such as materials for energy applications, low-carbon technologies, and horizontal system programmes – is ideally positioned to contribute to defining the future “mission-oriented/systemic” energy research needs that will pave the way to a competitive, fair and prosperous low-carbon energy Europe.


Preliminary programme

08:30 – 09:00  Registration & welcome coffee

09:00 – 12:00  Opening remarks & morning session

12:00 -13:30  Lunch

13:00 -16:00  Afternoon session and closing remarks