Catalysing European energy research for a climate-neutral society by 2050

For the EU institutions

The Eu institutions benefit from

A one-stop shop for energy research matters

EERA is the largest energy research community in Europe. It brings together 250 universities and public research centres in 30 countries and covers almost all low-carbon technologies and, in addition, systemic and cross-cutting topics. With this powerful background, EERA is ideally positioned to represent Europe’s low-carbon energy research community towards the European institutions.

A hub for international cooperation

EERA integrates most of the EU member states and 4 associated countries. But its focus doesn’t stop at the European borders. EERA and its researchers contribute to global initiatives like Mission Innovation, the Paris Agreement and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and interact with key players all over the world. A special partnership connects EERA and the African low-carbon energy research community.

A tool to mobilise and leverage national resources

By far largest share of public funding for energy research comes from national resources. To avoid duplication and reach the common targets defined for instance in the SET-Plan, it is crucial to mobilise and streamline national research efforts and funding. EERA’s approach to this is twofold: It fosters bottom-up alignment through the participation of its members in Joint Programmes and helps national ministries and funding agencies harmonize their programmes and set up joint funding schemes (top-down).

Leading-edge independent advice on energy matters

Thanks to its huge network of top experts in the broad range of low-carbon energy research, EERA is able to provide leading-edge independent advice on both specific technologies and the energy transition as a whole. EERA’s 17 Joint Programmes, which include also systemic and interdisciplinary topics, allow for a holistic view and the integration of different angles and perspectives.