Catalysing European energy research for a climate-neutral society by 2050

For national bodies

National ministries and funding agencies benefit from

A knowledge-sharing platform

EERA acts as a facilitator for inter-organisational and inter-institutional collaboration in the field of low-carbon energy research. It provides a platform for knowledge-sharing and opens a room for discussions, best practices and both bi- and multilateral cooperation. Besides that, EERA offers scientific expertise and sound advice on energy-related matters and brings together researchers, innovators and decision-makers.

A tool to mobilise and leverage national resources

EERA gathers 250 public research centres and universities, which work together on jointly defined research agendas. This collaboration includes but is not limited to shared use of research infrastructures and scientific data and the implementation of inter-organisational staff exchange. The EERA Joint Programmes, which build the framework for this scientific cooperation, are aligned with the priorities defined in the SET-Plan.

A supporter of national strategies

Where are the gaps in your funding strategy? How does your funding strategy fit in the international context? Are there collaboration opportunities with other states? Thanks to its umbrella function and close collaboration with the SET-Plan countries, EERA can assist national governments and funding agencies in aligning their strategy with shared priorities in Europe and thus make it more efficient and targeted.