Catalysing European energy research for a climate-neutral society by 2050

For industry

Industry benefits from

Access to a huge pool of knowledge

In EERA, Europe’s brightest minds work together on cutting-edge low-carbon energy topics. Research undertaken in EERA covers the technology readiness levels 2 to 5 (technology validated in relevant environment), sometimes even up to 7 (system prototype demonstration in operational environment). This knowledge is ready to be used for your business idea. Please refer to the EERA IP Showcase to access a selection of assets.

Projects with Europe’s leading researchers

Are you looking for research-performing organisations for your R&I project? EERA member organisations have, to a large extent, experience in collaborating with industry, be it bilaterally or in the frame of a bigger consortium. Feel free to approach the EERA Joint Programme that covers your field of interest to get in touch with leading researchers and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Increased global competitiveness

Keeping up with newest technological developments is key for business sustainability. By working together with leading research organisations, you are able to profit from most recent scientific findings, turn them into innovative products and services and thereby increase your competitiveness in Europe and worldwide.

(Cross-)sectorial workshops

EERA brings together almost all low-carbon technologies – not only under one organisational roof, but also literally: we strive to break technological silos and look for added value that comes from collaboration with adjacent technologies and other disciplines entirely, for instance social sciences and the humanities. Get in touch with EERA today to be invited to our next cross-sectorial workshop.