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The most influential energy research network in Europe

EERA offers a unique network and platform for knowledge-sharing and dissemination. The most prominent networks in EERA are the EERA Joint Programmes. EERA members can participate in one or more Joint Programmes and work together on commonly defined research priorities, make new contacts and advance their research. Besides that, EERA helps its Joint Programmes and their members to cross borders and engage also with other disciplines.

Excellent research in low-carbon energy technologies

Work with the best: EERA gathers the most excellent energy researchers and infrastructures in the whole of Europe. Joining the EERA community means opening doors to cutting-edge capacities that drive scientific and technological development here and world-wide.

Early access to new initiatives

Are you looking for exciting new research and innovation projects? Consortia that are developing? Emerging collaborations? New political initiatives? As part of the EERA network, chances are high that you are able to detect new opportunities early, being in the loop of ongoing discussions in your field of work and beyond. EERA and its Joint Programmes are a breeding ground for such new initiatives, at national, European and international levels.

Better success rates

European funding is highly rewarding but also highly competitive and requires a lot of commitment and efforts, even before funding is granted. Collaboration with partners in other countries is a prerequesite for the majority of European funding schemes. To be able to rely on an already existing network of partners with which you have worked before, that you know and trust is an unbeatable advantage when applying for funding and a clear plus in the eyes of an evaluator.

Setting the agenda in political decision-making

Decisions on public money spent on research are mostly taken at government level – national and European. As Europe’s largest energy research community and official partner in the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan), EERA is an acknowledged adviser to the European institutions and entertains good relationships with national governments and funding agencies. Thanks to the input of its members, EERA can provide strategic and technological advice and help shape the future research funding landscape. Your contribution is crucial in this endeavour – make your voice heard.

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