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Stakeholder News 23 October 2020

Joint Programming Conference 2020 Smart Energy Systems: To make the energy transition possible, cross-sector cooperation is key

How can we join forces with public RDI funding programs and stakeholder initiatives in the SET-Plan in order to develop a future integrated energy system in Europe and beyond, by cooperating and collaborating across sectors and borders? 2020 Focus: strengthen the links with SET-Plan initiatives on Heating and Cooling and Power Systems.

Joint Programming Conference 2020 Smart Energy Systems with collaboration of EERA among other partners

From 14 to 16 October 2020, high level speakers from RDI funding networks, Mission Innovation and the European Commission shared their solutions and latest updates at the “Joint Programming Conference 2020 Smart Energy Systems”. The conference was organised by the Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems (JPP SES) together with collaboration partners – EERA, ETIP SNET, ETIP Renewable Heating & Cooling, ERA-Net Geothermica and partners of Mission Innovation – and the European Commission.

The policy conference kicked-off the three-day event with a clear common message: Many European research and innovation initiatives share the objective of a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050. There is a continuity and trusted cooperation history of high value between member states and industries. This results in cross-border collaboration coming naturally. The challenge is now to work further on the cross-sector cooperation within the energy industry, among industries and within governance, to make a sustainable energy transition happen in time. The way forward requires more coordination of approaches, alignment of roadmaps and simplification of programme procedures for the energy initiatives.

Laurens de Vries, Coordinator of European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Joint Programme on Energy Systems Integration shared an input on the regulatory challenges to cross-border energy system integration. He specified that “there are five dimensions of energy systems integration: the system level, the geographic scope, time scales, market design and regulation that all need to be aligned”. One step towards this alignment and simplification is the upcoming Clean Energy Transition Partnership which will provide a framework for all ERA-Net and European national programmes to work together on these common challenges.

And already this year, with this conference, the JPP SES is starting this alignment and simplification, by kicking-off a cross-sectoral cooperation with the ERA-Net Geothermica for the development of a joint programming activity on the topic of heating and cooling for 2021.

More information soon on the JPP SES website here . 

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