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Governance was discussed at the EERA Joint Programme Coordinator meeting


A proposal is on the table to facilitate the dialogue between the EERA joint programmes and the Executive Committee (ExCo).

Governance was a central discussion topic during the EERA Coordinators’ meeting in week 43 in Brussels. To anchor ExCo’s activities and to make it more strategically active and forward leaning towards the European Commission, Member States and other stakeholders, close dialogue with the joint programmes is important. To strengthen the link between ExCo and the joint programmes, the execute-model inspired by the governance structure in the Zero Emission Platform (ZEP) is proposed. The idea is that the members of the ExCo have monthly meetings for ongoing matters and that the joint programme coordinators have a rotating responsibility of e.g. six months to take part in these meetings. Joint programmes will be informed about the outcome of the further discussions on this issue.

The event was a lunch-to-lunch meeting. On the first day, coordinators joined together for dinner and further discussions.