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Follow up of the SET-plan Implementation Plan


A January meeting is planned to follow-up the ratified SET-plan Implementation Plan on CCUS.

An informal working group meeting will take place at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate in The Hague Netherlands on 30th January 2018. The SET-plan Implementation Plan on CCUS was adopted by the SET-Plan Steering Group on 27th September 2017. The January meeting will facilitate discussions on how to follow up the Implementation Plan.

While funding has already been made available e.g. through the new Horizon 2020 Work Programme on energy to support the Implementation Plan, there is a further need for clarification of responsibilities.

The Temporary Working Group (TWG) prepared the Implementation Plan and is chaired by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (OED), the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and the ETIP Zero Emission Platform (ZEP). The Implementation Plan suggested that the TWG could transform into a permanent working group to monitor and follow up the execution of the Implementation Plan. This is however yet to be confirmed.

Read the SET-PLAN TWG9 CCS and CCU Implementation Plan here