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EERA workshop on materials for energy applications and technologies: Report and outcomes


We need better coordination of materials research between technologies – outcome of the EERA workshop on materials for energy applications and technologies

New materials have a huge potential to improve the efficiency and the lifetime of energy production devices or can contribute to lower the maintenance costs. The research topics are tremendous and a coordinated collaboration of European researchers will accelerate the development of new materials. It is clearly a European challenge to connect the different European research organizations in a productive and durable way.

That was the overall conclusion of a 2-day EERA workshop, organized on April 28-29 2015 jointly by the EERA Joint Programmes Advanced Materials and Processes for Energy Applications (AMPEA) and Nuclear Materials (NM) with the support of the EERA secretariat. This workshop gathered 45 participants from 11 of the EERA Joint Programmes (JPs). The main aim of this workshop was to identify bottlenecks in materials research and foster interaction between the many EERA JPs involved in materials research. It moreover provided participants from the different EERA JPs with an overview of activities in the JPs where materials research is involved.

To frame the final discussion, Prof. Harald Bolt gave a presentation on the EU SET-Plan materials roadmap and Dr. Fabrice Stassin presented the European Materials Research Initiative, EMIRI, and discussed how EERA and EMIRI could collaborate.

→ Here, you can read the workshop report and download the presentations as well as the related agenda of the workshop.

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