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EERA JP Nuclear Materials Infodays


These Infodays will give you an overview of

  • the current and future developments of energy research for nuclear applications at the European level,
  • the challenges concerning materials for sustainable nuclear energy to be addressed in the coming years
  • the actions of the EERA-JPNM on these subjects and funding prospects.

as well as to foster links between participants.

December 4th

  • Status of sustainable nuclear energy in Europe
  • Roles of EERA and JPNM in the European energy research landscape
  • Strategic Research Agenda of JPNM for future R&D needs at the European Level
  • Funding prospect for an new European Joint Program on nuclear materials

December 5th

  • Running H2020 projects supported by the EERA-JPNM
  • Subprogrammes of the EERA-JPNM and current Pilot Projects
  • Current and future role of the EERA-JPNM for the benefits of its participants and stakeholders

More info and registrations on the website of the JPNM website.