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EERA JP EEIP: Workshop 27th June (Rotterdam)


The EERA Joint Programme “Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP”) is a platform of the leading EU (applied) research institutes in the area of energy efficiency technology development.

On June 27th  in Rotterdam, the EEIP platform will organize a workshop in cooperation with SmartPort Rotterdam, in which the Rotterdam industry is invited to present cases for technology challenges they face to achieve the EU goals for 2030 (as quoted from SPIRE):

  • a reduction in fossil energy intensity of up to 30% from current levels through a combination of, for example, introduction of novel energy-saving processes, process intensification, energy recovery, sustainable water management, cogeneration heat-power and progressive introduction of alternative (renewable) energy sources within the process cycle
  • a reduction of up to 20% in non-renewable, primary raw material intensity compared to current levels, by increasing chemical and physical transformation yields and/ or using secondary and renewable raw materials
  • a significant contribution to the political and societal objectives of drastic efficiency improvement in CO2-equivalent of up to 40%.

These cases will be discussed to see whether there is technology available or whether the technology could be developed in a collaboration with partners present at workshop. One way of addressing may be through public private cooperation program (PPS), such as the SPIRE calls of EU Horizon2020 or it could be through bilateral activities where partners have the requested unique knowledge or facility. Special attention will be given to the SPIRE call and possibly also the ERA NET Cofund “IndEff” (currently being negotiated among member states).

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