Coordinating energy research for a low carbon Europe

EERA JPSC MAPPING: Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods

The Implementation Plan of the Smart Cities Working Group of the European SET-Plan is lead by JPI Urban Europe. The EERA JPSC is represented in this Implementation Working Group (IWG) and coordinating the mapping of PED Definition, PED Tools, PED Indicators and National Pilot projects among others. Our role is to Define, plan and orchestrate required RDI to move from Positive Energy Districts to Cities and this will be done in close cooperation with other initiatives, like JPI UE, SCIS, UERA, EUA-EPUE, EUREC and others. Read about our commitments here. Our areas of mapping:

  1. What are PEDs? Propose & review/validate PED definition(s), KPIs & boundary conditions.
  2. What are PED Labs? Protocols for testing, monitoring and evaluating PED Labs
  3. How do we create, manage & fund them? Develop a toolbox of planning instruments for PEDs, including data and metrics, planning and design, and investment and business models
  4. How do we monitor them? Create, collect, qualify, compare & analyse data from the 100 European PEDs
  5. Why aren’t there more PEDs already? Identify & document barriers, challenges & opportunities in existing PED projects.
  6. What are the main causal mechanisms that either enable or inhibit successful diffusion of PED innovation, systems, or policies
  7. How can PED innovations be scaled up both within the EU and beyond