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Ocean Energy

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The EERA Ocean Energy JP is based around six key research themes. These themes have been developed based on existing research roadmaps which identify the critical areas of research required for the successful growth of the industry. The Research Themes are here:

  • Resource
  • Technology
  • Deployment and Operations
  • Economics and Costs
  • Environmental and Socio-economic impacts
  • Education and Training

Within each Research Theme a number of sub-themes have been identified as key medium to long-term research objectives. The EERA Ocean Energy JP activities are based around these research requirements and members will work together to address the research needs in an order that aligns with the priorities and urgency of the sector, as well as within the means of available funding. The EERA Ocean energy programme will contribute to strategic leadership of the underpinning research, joint prioritization of research tasks and infrastructure, alignment of European and national research efforts, coordination with industry and sharing of knowledge and research infrastructure.