Coordinating energy research for a low carbon Europe

International cooperation

The EERA Joint Programmes actively support international collaboration with partners outside Europe. EERA JPs often represent European scientific communities at international events organised in collaboration with the European Commission. And prominent scientists from around the world are active members of JPs’ advisory boards and in the review panels of our JPs.


A partner of choice

The European Commission supports EERA to be recognised as the one-stop contact for collaboration in energy research. Today, EERA has grown to become the partner of choice when discussing energy research at the international level. Representatives from EERA Joint Programmes regularly participate at events around the world discussing the status of technology R&D as well as joint initiatives or funding opportunities to further advance developments.

During previous years, EERA Joint Programmes have for example participated in exchanges with the US Department of Energy, the Chinese government and India.

Assessing the relevance

Before engaging in international exchange with another country or region, EERA assess the relevance of the country for the different EERA Joint Programmes. This is done through an annual mapping exercise. While Brazil might be particularly interesting for biofuel, India is more interesting for smart cities while Japan and the US are partners of choice for wind energy.

Integrated Research Programmes increase global outreach

The EERA Integrated Research Programmes (IRP) will further strengthen the global outreach of EERA. In the IRPs partners from outside Europe are full project members or represented in international advisory boards.