Coordinating energy research for a low carbon Europe

Integrated Research Programmes

What is an IRP?

The European Commission launched Integrated Research Programme IRP as a new instrument combining large FP7 collaborative projects with Coordination and Support Actions (CSA). The aim of the IRP is to foster a better integration of European research activities and strange the European competiveness.

Launch of EERA IRP’s activities

5 EERA Joint Programmes have started their IRP activities in the last months of 2014:

ELECTRA for JP Smart Grids
CHEETAH for JP Photovoltaics
STAGE STE for JP Concentrated Solar Power
MATISSE for JP Materials for Nuclear



CHEETAH Project: Press release

On the 1st of January 2014 the European Integrated Research Project “CHEETAH” was launched.  CHEETAH aims to solve specific R&D issues in the EERA -PV Joint Research Program and to overcome fragmentation of European PV R&D and intensify the collaboration between R&D providers and industry to accelerate the industrialization of innovations… please read the entire text 201410_CHEETAH Press release_VF.