EERA Policy Working Group

Inside the structure of the European Energy Research Alliance, the Policy Working Group (POL WG) focuses on policy issues relevant to EERA’s strategy and contributes to ensuring that EERA is an active player in European energy R&I policy development.

POL WG members meet regularly (online and face-to-face) to:

  • share updates and intelligence on ongoing policy dossiers of interest;
  • promote EERA’s involvement in strategic processes at both Executive Committee and Joint Programme level;
  • ensure its members opportunities to engage actively in EU energy R&I policymaking.

The POL WG prepares regularly policy updates and makes them available to its members. The Weekly Policy Updates are short newsletters including information on the EU institutional agenda for the week to come, as well as news and events in Brussels related to climate, energy and R&I policy.

The Policy Working Group Updates are presentations discussed during the POL WG meetings. They include latest information on selected policy dossiers such as analyses of policy documents, information on public consultations and additional ways to interact with EU institutions.

The Team

Adel El Gammal EERA Lars Brückner DTU
Alma Lamberti EERA Vanessa Polillo ENEA
Andrea Monti UNIBO Maria Oksa
Annemie Wyckmans NTNU Mónica de Juan
Barbara Spanò DTU Petter Støa
Eliksa Krychova CVREZ Pieter Vingerhoets VITO
Hanna Kuittinen
TECNALIA Raffaele Guerini
Holger Ihssen KIT Rosita Zilli EERA
Ivan Matejak EERA Tiina Koljonen VTT


Petter Støa POL WG Leader