Coordinating energy research for a low carbon Europe

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EERA – EASE event at the European Parliament


On 12 November 2013, MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho hosted a lunch debate on Energy Storage
in the European Parliament. The event was organised by the European Association for the
Storage of Energy (EASE) and the Joint Programme for Energy Storage (JPES) under the
European Energy Research Alliance (EERA).



Unveiling DTU’s International Energy Report 2013: Energy storage options for future sustainable energy systems
by Hans Hvidtfeldt Larsen, Vice Dean DTU National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy

The state of energy storage research
by Prof. Hans-Jürgen Seifert, Head of Department KIT and EERA Joint Programme Energy Storage

Building the business case for energy storage
by Patrick Clerens, Secretary General EASE

Business case from industry on Compressed Air Energy Storage
by Keith McGrane, Head of Offshore Energy and Electricity Storage Gaelectric

European Commission’s views on energy storage
by Norela Constantinescu, Policy Officer European Commission DG Energy
by Jean-Marie Bemtgen, Policy Officer European Commission DG Energy